Excavations carried out in the Muraba’at cave in Israel have revealed an impressive discovery. Archaeologists have found a perfectly preserved basket that appears to have been made today, but is more than 10,000 years old. 

As reported by the Ancient Origins portal, the ancient artifact was released by the Israel Antiquities Authority They found the basket empty and closed with a lid made of fabric, the same material as the container found. It is not yet known what was kept in the basket.

From an analysis carried out on the item, the researchers found that the basket is about 10,500 years old, during the pre-Neolithic period of the pottery. Haim Cohen , from the IAA laboratory in Jerusalem , said: “This is the most exciting discovery I have ever encountered in my life.”

“The basket has a capacity of about 92 liters. We don’t know yet what kind of plant was used to do this, but we are investigating it ”, he explained. “However, we can already say that two people wove it and that one of them was left-handed.”

“The rescue operation aims to survey hundreds of caves in the Judean desert to track and preserve the antiques that are still hidden there before being recovered and sold on the private market, as has happened in the past,” said Naama Sukenik of the Material Department. IAA Organic.

He clarified that “organic materials generally do not have the ability to survive for such long periods”. “However, the special climatic condition of the Judean Desert, its dry weather, has allowed dozens of artifacts to last for centuries and millennia.”



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