A passenger on an Alaska Airlines flight posted a video aboard an aircraft, claiming she was told to “cover up” before boarding if she wanted to fly. All because the airline would have found her outfit too revealing. Despite his outrage at the situation, opinions from those who commented on his post on the social network TikTok were mixed.

Along with the video, she wrote a caption saying, “Alaska Airlines just told me I had to ‘cover up’ if I wanted to get on the plane . ” The girl, however, does not detail which outfit she was wearing before boarding.

Reactions to its publication were mixed. Many supported it, while others defended the need for dress code on aircraft. There were also those who opted for a more incisive and contrary position. In this last sense, one user commented: “it is an airport, not the beach” .

In recent years, there have been several reported cases involving female passengers approached by airline teams, especially in the US and Europe, asking them to cover themselves before boarding. Considering the diversity of opinions, this subject almost always ends up in controversy, potentiated by social networks.

The video posted by the young woman on TikTok can be watched below (wait for loading).




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