The Polish airline LOT overtook a French company and is today the second largest operator of Brazilian jets in Europe.

The Polish flag company has a long history with Embraer aircraft, having started operating Brazilian jets in 1999 with the introduction of the ERJ-145, the first jet from the São José dos Campos manufacturer, In Brazil. Since then, the partnership has only increased, with direct purchases from the factory and also from used planes. It is currently the only company in the world to simultaneously operate all first-generation E-Jets models, with the E170, E175, E190 and E195 in the fleet.

As a curiosity, the latest additions have been of jets known to the Brazilian public, as they used to fly in the Brazilian Azul Linhas Aéreas, a company that has made its oldest planes available, as it renews its fleet with the new E195 E2, with greater capacity. and more economical. The aircraft were so needed in Poland that they went there with the map of Brazil on the tail, symbol of Azul.

Now, according to Embraer itself, another jet has arrived, bringing the number of Brazilian aircraft in the LOT to 40 aircraft, surpassing the French Air France Hop!, but still behind the Dutch KLM, which has 49 Brazilian aircraft.



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